Analysis and Conclusion


Gond artists have always been keen on creating their art on new media and adapt it in new ways. However, these non-traditional contemporary uses have been in the realm of fine art or illustration. The idea behind this project was to explore how the art can be applied, and in this respect, enter the realm of design. This helps expanding the art and benefiting the artists, and generating a new design language which expresses cultural identity (as opposed to design that is culturally neutral).

One part of the final outcome is the brushes which can enable Gond artists to create their work on computer. Starting with existing styles which they have been creating on canvas, once they learn the basics, they can go on to make even digitally originated styles.

The other part of the outcome is my experiments with digital brushes and original art for creating patterns out of them. These patterns are devoid of symbolism, narrative and iconography of indigenous Gond art and retain the typical colour palette and individual styles of artists. This incarnation can be called ‘Gond art style’ and is applicable on textile, wallpaper etc.

The two parts put together embody the project theme of synergizing vernacular and graphic design.

These particular outcomes truly belong to the artists whose work has inspired them. However, the principle of filling a graphic with small patterns and the process of creating these patterns digitally can be taken beyond Gond art. I’d like to work further on this process and create my own new styles which can be used on what one may call ‘Gond-art infused designs’.


The journey of my MA began with a search for a way to create design that speaks the language of the culture and place to which it belongs. This project lead me to understand the connection between place, community and culture; making me aware of my position as a designer and an individual closely related to the community studied. I’ve learnt new processes and a new visual language by way of this project.


It is proposed to train Gond artists and designers with whom they may work in the use of these tools. They will be particularly helpful in making animation making the process more efficient and purely digital. I’d like to work with artists to make new patterns based on the example of the ones made in the final stage and take t his idea further.

Two exhibitions, one workshop and one animation project all centered on Gond art, are in the offing. I am in touch with the organisers and working to contribute to these projects through presentations and the outcomes of the project.

The collection of Gond art that can be used by scholars, designer, art connoisseurs and by tribal artists themselves for reference and study.