BioFach 2005

A landmark event in the evolution of the company Organic India: exhibiting at one of the world’s largest trade fairs for organic products, BioFach at Nuremberg in Germany.

After being seen as an exceptional company in India for so long, it is good to be part of a global community that is committed to bringing earth-friendly and healthy products to the masses.

For me this is the first opportunity to step out of the country. Building the stall was a massive effort, but all seemed worthwhile when it was finally up and ready for the show.

Tulsi Tea Collection

This would be the most significant body of my work in the initial stages of my career. The work has been meaningful not only because it has lasted the test of time (this packaging produced between 2002 to 2005 is still seen on shelves in several countries) but also because it is a genuinely healthy product that benefits consumers, farmers and the environment in a financially sustainable way.

I learnt a lot about packaging design and production as well as regulations and marketing strategy through this work.

The work involved expanding the template of this packaging design into several variants, packaged in several formats and sizes for loose tea and tea-bags. This set was produced for several countries, with customisation based on the regulations and consumer response in that market.

Promoting Herbal Supplements

The year saw an increased focus on promoting herbal supplements among medical practitioners and medicine shops (pharmacies). Several clinical information driven materials have been created for this purpose. They are being used by representatives in their meetings with medical practitioners. As many of the supplements are considered ‘over the counter’ some promotional material targeted at consumers are provided in the shops for them to choose from.

Marketing Collateral for Tulsi Tea at retail outlets

As the Tulsi Tea range of herbal tea started getting sold in retail outlets, there was a need to prepare collateral to mark its presence in the shops. Danglers, stickers and shelf strips have been created for this purpose.

The brochure is presenting the product range to new retailers, to get them interested in start merchandising it.

The most interesting part of the campaign was arriving at the background colour which complements the multi-colour packaging of the Tulsi Teas very well. Photography was the easier part, because we found one of the employees of the company and his wife perfectly suited to represent the target group of consumers.  The shoot was conducted in the company’s farm.

Herbal Supplements Packaging


A need has been felt for a long time to revive the packaging of the supplements. One day the Chairperson came to me with a very clear and strong idea that they should be yellow!

Just like the Tulsi Tea packaging, the herbal supplements too were packaged in bright hues. A yellow background worked very well with all the colours, giving the range a distinct presence on the shelf, in contrast with the more common white and subdued backgrounds in this category.