Branding for Corporate Cafetarias

Sodexo offers food catering services to several corporates, and this identity theme was designed

Sodexo required a consistent and prominent branding across almost 50 corporate cafetaria which it manages in India. The branding needed to blend with the existing infrastructure of the client on which the company has no control.

The solution was a design pattern, type style, col- our scheme, signage with icons and wall panels.

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Symbol for a Political Party

Vidhayak Dal, a new fledgling political party was formed in Lucknow and was given ‘railway engine’ as their election symbol from the Election Commission. My job was to create a simple and easy to identify logo comprising of an engine.

I decided to take the front face of an engine for the symbol instead of the side as I felt that it looked stronger and more assertive. I added saffron and green as brush strokes in the background to give the logo a patriotic flair.


Brand Identity for Eastern Venture

Eastern Venture is a UK company that deals in organic products from India. Their identity was based on the graphic of lotus, signifying purity and a connection with India. It also helps distinguish the brand by not using the more commonly used green in this industry.

Logo for an IT Services company


‘Digital Solutions 4 u’ a rather unconventional but friendly name for  an IT services firm wanted a simple but catchy logo. This design was approved by the promoter at first sight without any amendments!

I stayed away from the use of blue hue which has become a cliche in the visual identity of IT companies.


Visual Identity for Vaibhav Arts

After the successful execution of the visual identity for Leaders, the next project was to create logo for their sister concern, Vaibhav Arts, a brand under which they sold traditionally embroidered but contemporarily styled garments.

While the logo design was distinct from Leaders, the stationery followed the same style of a thick border with gold embellishment. This became the visual connection between the two lines of business.