Making a classic logo contemporary

Leaders old logo‘Leaders’ has been in the business of garments featuring traditional embroidery since 1949. One of their specialities is zardozi, the technique of embroidery using gold thread. They wanted to digitize their logo for future applications as well as make it more contemporary.

I traced the typography of the old logo and retained it while removing some superfluous elements of the logo. For their stationery, metallic gold ink was used which not only gave it a premium look but also drew attention to their zardozi speciality.


Logo for an NGO


Prithvi Innovations is an NGO that sensitizes children towards their responsibility towards the environment.  including tree plantation.

The brief was to create a logo with the basic earthy colours and for it to represent an individual, as they focus on personal initiative towards caring for the earth.

I chose earth colours of brown and green and for the sake of differentiation, chose cooler tones instead of the conventional warm tones.