Prospectus for an Aeronautical Engineering Institute


IITM is one of the few institutes in the country that offers a course in Aeronautical Engineering, accredited by the Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI). Although they offer courses in a few other streams, this course is the main attraction for prospective students, hence the speciality that was highlighted on the cover.


Information Materials for a Manufacturing Consultancy

Nicobar Group, based in USA and Shanghai, helps American companies find manufacturers in China. It requires a lot of text heavy brochures, white papers and newsletters.

Click on the thumbnails below to view larger images of a brochure, e-newsletter and a white paper produced for Nicobar Group

For the Business of Diamonds

Ashi Diamonds, an established name in the B2B diamond trade. This is their new e-commerce offering to help their customers, diamond retailers, sell their merchandise online .

The project was to design a set of leaflets and a folder to keep them in. Click on the thumbnails below.

(Above) A magazine advertisement for Ashi Diamond.

Promoting Herbal Supplements

The year saw an increased focus on promoting herbal supplements among medical practitioners and medicine shops (pharmacies). Several clinical information driven materials have been created for this purpose. They are being used by representatives in their meetings with medical practitioners. As many of the supplements are considered ‘over the counter’ some promotional material targeted at consumers are provided in the shops for them to choose from.