World Map Poster

An infographic map showing the countries where the ‘Initiatives of Change’ (IofC) movement is active. Countries with active teams are shown in light green and programmes are indicated by circles in various colours. The footer gives a short explanation of the programmes.

Tulsi Tea Collection

This would be the most significant body of my work in the initial stages of my career. The work has been meaningful not only because it has lasted the test of time (this packaging produced between 2002 to 2005 is still seen on shelves in several countries) but also because it is a genuinely healthy product that benefits consumers, farmers and the environment in a financially sustainable way.

I learnt a lot about packaging design and production as well as regulations and marketing strategy through this work.

The work involved expanding the template of this packaging design into several variants, packaged in several formats and sizes for loose tea and tea-bags. This set was produced for several countries, with customisation based on the regulations and consumer response in that market.

Making Business Meetings Fun

The top management of Citi were off to Milan for their meetings and commissioned a New York agency to design personalised folders for each participant.  I was hired by that agency and given the theme Mafia. This is what I came up with.

A customised artwork was created for all participants with their names on the folder cover and a caricature inside. A banner was also created for the meeting location.